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We are a community based, not for profit early childhood education and care service located in a beautiful seaside community of Yamba. We are proud to be a not for profit long day care service – children are at the centre of all the decisions we make.

Yamba ELC offers a learning environment that supports children to grow, learn and experience the world in a secure, stimulating, healthy and enjoyable setting. 

Our professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff includes a Bachelor-qualified teacher diploma qualified staff as well as upgrading their qualification to Bachelor and Diplomas. 

Our service is values led and driven, with a kind, friendly and supportive workplace culture. We support staff as well as our children to thrive. Our workplace values are

  • kindness and connection;

  • integrity and respect;

  • diversity and inclusion;

  • individuality and fun;

  • innovation and optimism.


Our team advocates for quality care, nurturing and education of children within their care and the wider community. Children's brains are influenced by both their genes and their environment - around 90 percent of brain development occurs within the first five years of life.


How the brain grows is strongly influenced by what's happening in a child's environment and their interactions with the people around them, this is why our educators are committed to providing quality care of children.

Our centre utilises the Early Years Learning Framework. In conjunction with this and our School Readiness programme, greatly aides your child so that they will be equipped with the skills (cognitive, social and emotional) necessary to succeed in primary school and into the years beyond.


We keep our families informed of what the educational program is each day, along as what is occurring in our service via the OWNA app which families have access to 24/7.

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