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our rooms

Wombat Room

(Babies: 6 weeks to 2 years)

The wombat room caters for 8 babies per day with 3 staff members. Whist the ECEC regulations only require services to have 1 educator per 4 babies we believe that having an extra educator in this room provides a higher level of quality care.

We run a play-based program which follows children’s interests and helps them develop and grow. The program is made up of sensory play, water and sand play, outdoor play and follows children’s interest. We aim to make secure attachments with each child and their families.


Koala Room

(Toddlers 2 years to 3 years)

The Koala room provides an environment that is warm and nurturing. Independence is encouraged and self- confidence and a sense of self-worth are built on by allowing choices within a supportive environment.


We provide a range of activities such as art, science, cooking, music and movement, fine and gross motor activities. We believe in proving fun, interactive opportunities for children to engage in and explore. 


Echidna Room


The Echidna Room is lead by a Bachelor qualified Early Years Teacher. At the heart of the Echidna Room is ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming: the Early Years Learning Framework’.


Our programme consists of a balance of free play, routines and teacher directed activities which includes music, art, dramatic play, science, league, literature, outdoor activities, cooking, maths and nature.


The programme us built to allow for spontaneity in the following the children’s interests and an embracing of the unexpected. Our programme considers the physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional needs of our children.

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